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Among the vineyards, cypresses and olive trees, it is not rare to see precious vintage cars speeding. They belong to Luca's private collection, who is a great motoring enthusiast, especially for the cars that made history. If you are lucky, you can admire the different and unique cars, a different but engaging way of experiencing Tuscany and its routes.

In Campo al Signore, both visits to the farm and tastings are organized, not only to explain the land and its precious fruits but to breathe a territory that has so much to tell to those who can listen.

Possiamo proporti diverse esperienze fra cui scegliere.

PWe can offer different types of experiences.
To organise a tour and a wine tasting at the farm, just write an email to info@tenutacampoalsignore.it or call us at 3473402697.

Wine Maker courses

The most curious people can also request wine maker courses with experts in the sector, organised in specific periods, during which you can see, follow and understand the various steps that lead a bunch of grapes to become a pleasant sip of good wine.

Tenuta Campo Al Signore

Tenuta Campo Al Signore

Località Nocino 259/B

Castagneto Carducci 57022 (LI)


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